Who's Fievel?

“You’re too young! You’ve no experience. You’re like a china doll, walking over a precipice…””Well then I must smash! For it’s too late to mend my ways now.”

You’re too young! You’ve no experience. You’re like a china doll, walking over a precipice…”
Well then I must smash! For it’s too late to mend my ways now.”






Most of those face merge things actually make an average looking guy. But then there’s this:


is that tom hiddleston and jensen ackles

that is tom hiddleston and jensen ackles

can i just


you guys don’t understand this makes me want to puke rainbows

lets not forget about chris cumberbatch though, i mean


beginners hurts my soul in so many levels but also makes me very happy somehow






#Character Development

He developed from threatening Dwarves to protecting Dwarves.

He also stopped wearing eye liner.

It was a phase.

I gotta watch the fourth season first, but I mean I- and everyone keeps saying: ‘You know what you gotta do?’ And you can finish this along with me. ‘You should have Abed come out of the box you put him in-’

Which I did- I kind of was thinking that at the end of Season 3. I was like I’ve got a feeling this is gonna hit the fan, let’s put the weird guy in the box and have a bright light flash so that, just in case, just in the weirdest case scenario where if I don’t come back. And then an even weirder case where I come back for the fifth season

‘-and you have him come out of the box and go ‘Blurgh! Lame!’ and then just get started with a fourth season of Community.’

BUT you already all thought of that. I’ve seen you online saying that. And it sounds to me, and I can say this now because I haven’t seen the fourth season so I’m just saying from reading the reviews (which was very healthy of me) that if there was a complaint among fans, and this is kind of ironic and something to learn a lesson from (I don’t know what), that there was uh- the word fanfiction kept coming up- that there was what Geena Davis in the Fly would call a synthetic kind of going-through-the motions sort of a ‘this is what Community is so here it is for you served up on a platter’ and you know I think in a world where everybody says that and everybody says ‘You should pretend the fourth season was a dream!’ and then if I did that then we’re just continuing the cycle of abuse aren’t we?

So the fifth season needs to be a kind of emotional, spiritual reboot, you know right? It needs to get back to some kind of basics. I’m gonna bring the monkey back, I imagine. Three more monkeys!

Dan on Dallasing the fourth season (via illbeoutback)


the best moment in literary history is by far the time in the odyssey when odysseus and his bros stab polyphemus the cyclops in his eye but he thinks odysseus’ name is “no one” so he thrashes about the cave screaming “NO ONE BLINDED ME!!!” and the other cyclopes are like “oh my god polyphemus SHUT UP”


Jessica Chastain attends the ‘All Is Lost’ Premiere during the 66th Annual Cannes Film (May 22, 2013)